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What's for Dinner (Wedding Planning Guide)

Breckenridge, CO

When it comes to choosing whether you will do a buffet for dinner or a plated dinner, there are a few things to consider. The first thing, does your venue have a kitchen? If you have your reception in a remote or outdoor area, it may be hard to have a plated dinner and be able to have the counter space and keep the food hot when they are plating it. If the venue has a kitchen, another thing to think about is how many people are attending. If you have anything over 150 people, the buffet can take far longer to complete the dinner service, between inviting tables to join the buffet line and guests choosing their food and eating. It can take, well over 2 hours. Plated dinners can be more pricy but more efficient when it comes to time and accommodating dietary restrictions. One last option would be family-style at each table. This option will work well with COVID restrictions since the seating will be with people who are family and friends and have come as a group. This gives you the portion size options and the ability to try a little bit of everything at their table.

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