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Seating Chart Mania (Wedding Planning Guide)

Breckenridge, CO

Seating arrangements can be as elaborate as each seat on each table or as flexible as grab you rollup and pick a location. A few things to keep in mind if you are leaning to the flexible seating option. When you are having a plated dinner, not having a specific seating chart can make it difficult for the staff to ensure each guest gets what they ordered. Remember, the cater has prepared an exact amount of each option depending on the count you gave then in advance. If there is a meal confusion, they may not have extra ingredients to make another plate. An open seating chart can make it more difficult to handle allergies and diet restrictions as well. A way to keep a loose seating arrangement is to make a very specific place card. Many people like to make their place card cryptic a flower on the right means the guests get the chicken entre or a star means they get the steak entre. These can be creative and fun, but for the guest and staff's sake, put what they ordered on the place card, either the first letter or a picture of what they are having. If you do not like the look of that, put it on the back of their place cards. In addition, provide your cater with a list of each guest's name and what they ordered and their allergies. This list will help the catering staff with getting everyone what they ordered. Also, avoid any allergies or diet restriction confusion with any type of seating chart.

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