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One Size Does Not Fit All (Wedding Planning Guide)

So you're engaged, now how do you start nailing down the details? Large causal wedding, destination wedding, formal smaller reception, elopement and have a large gathering when COVID is not such a concern. At this time, there are so many options and so many things to consider. Do not let it paralyze you. Start small. Sit down with your partner, and have each of you pick one thing that has to happen at your wedding and one thing that you both think is important. For example, your partner wants their grandmother there for the ceremony. You want all your sorority sisters to be involved. You both want to be married outside. Right there, it helps narrow down your options for a ceremony location. You need a ceremony location that has enough space for a larger bridal party and enough room for social distances for grandmother. This can also help you decide to do a small ceremony and a larger reception, mostly geared to your friends. Once you put those things in motion, it will help dictate the rest of the decisions.

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